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high powered strength

The High Powered Strength Academy is individualised programming designed for busy professionals who want to transform their lives and build that LEAN, STRONG physique they have always wanted. Push past your previous strength limits.

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body blast

The Body Blast Transformation Academy is tailored programming designed for busy professionals and shift workers who want to finally shift those pounds and gain confidence. We guide you through nutrition and training specifically designed for you. This academy is suited for anyone looking to supercharge their results. If you're committed to change, Click view plan.

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what's included?

Access To training videos & educational content

You'll get access to our collection of training videos to help you understand proper form and movement. You'll also get access to our educational content to help you overcome any common issues you may have.

Rapid Assistance

When you need us we are here. Our coaching software has an inbuilt messaging system allowing you to get in touch,  

Designated Check in Times

Check in times will help to keep you on track & accountable. Weekly Q&As in side our academy Facebook Group

Optional Zoom Calls

We've all gotten very used to Zoom Calls as of late. If you need any assistance that might require a video call.

Nutritional Guidance

Confused about nutrition? Let me take the lead with nutritional guidelines tailored to you. You will get access to handy recipe books to make it easy to stay on track.

Technique Analysis

Incorrect form is something that can lead to injury which, in turn, leads to time off. We will guide you through any exercises you may not be familiar with.

Frequently asked questions

Do I Need a Gym?

No, you don’t need a gym.
Each program is adapted to the individual needs and whether you work out at home or in the gym.

What happens after I sign up?

After signing up and complete payment you will receive an email with your lifestyle, goals and medical questionnaire. You will need to complete this and submit it back to me. Please be sure to check your spam/promotions/social mail inboxes. Once I have received them you will have your program within 3-5 days.

How does the programme work?

All clients must check in with me bi-weekly via a form I send to you in your email, check ins are open on Thursday and Friday. Here you will answer questions on your training and nutrition with an optional zoom check in. All training programmes are delivered in 4 week blocks but I will adjust programmes as needed based on your needs and progression and aim to get back to you within 48 hours with adjustments if any.

Is nutrition included within the plan? 

I will provide each client with a personalised calorie breakdown specifically designed for your goals. I tailor these week/weekend calories to allow for a more sustainable approach. You will get access to handy recipe books to make it easy to stay on track. Please note this is not a 'meal plan'

Can I drink alcohol and socialise during the programme?

Yes, at Proaction Training sustainability is a key aspect of all programmes. Creating an effective balance is something we take pride in. We will educate you on the best approach and you will learn how to balance a social life whilst still achieving your goal.

Is there a minimum period of time I need to join for?

Yes, our Online Coaching Academy runs for a minimum of 12 weeks. I believe this is the minimum amount of time it takes to create real, lifelong changes with both your body and mindset. In our Academy we aim to provide you with all the skills and knowledge to get the best results possible and maintain it for life.

What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise in my program?

I have an exercise library exclusively available to all of my clients which you can access at any time throughout your program. If there is an exercise not included in the library you can let me know and I will send you a video as soon as possible.

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